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Recommended Lesson Sequence for Second Grade 

The lessons suggested for our Second Grade Curriculum are put in a recommended delivery order below, but you may revise, rearrange, and adapt as you see fit.  This year-long planning guide maps a year of drama teaching based on the lessons in this guide.  This sequence is not a mandate; rather, it is intended to provide you with assistance as you select the lessons for your classroom.

NOTE: this sequence is for classes with PRIOR drama instruction.  For classes without prior experience, begin with our foundational Introductory Lessons.  If teachers, in grades that precede yours, are already teaching drama, you don’t need to teach those foundational lessons, just begin with this new set of lessons.

September1.    Three Drama Skill Words1, 2
2.    The Mirror: Building Concentration2, 4c
October3.   BJ’'s Journey: Body Objects Transformation2, 3c
4.   The Greatest Show on Ice: Planning & Practicing3a-d, 4d
November5.   Hare & the Tortoise: Animal Characters & Movement Choices4f, 5
6.   Frog & Snake: Reviewing 3 Tools & 3 P’s4d-f
7.   Zookeeper Solves a Problem: Using Voice4a, g, 6
December8.   Sydney & Jojo: Speaking Text4c, 4e
9.   Turtle Who Lived by the Pond: Transformation2, 3, 4b
10. The Paper Bag Princess: Story Elements7
January11. Emotion Story8
12. Animal Treasure: Emotions8
February13. Lon Po Po: Conflict3d, 7
14. The Apple: Learning to be an Audience9
March15. The Dance Contest10
16. Drama in Other Places11
April17. Yo! Yes?: Communicating Ideas7
18. Do Not Open I: Putting Action Verbs into Acting2, 7
19. Do Not Open II: Transformation & Predicting2, 7
May20. The Long Ago Community4h, 11
JunePaper & Pencil Assessment
Formal Performance Assessment
Additional Rubrics

2nd Grade Drama Objectives & Standards
Second Grade Drama Objectives  Drama Objectives Alignment to National Standards These objectives cover essential learning in the art form for seven- to eight-year-old students.   This first PDF download above contains objectives used in our Second Grade Curriculum (also listed below) in a handy ...
2nd Grade Lessons
Recommended Lesson Sequence for Second Grade Purchase Lesson Sequence Outline only
Purchase or download individual lessons below The lessons suggested for our Second Grade Curriculum are put in a recommended delivery order below, but you may revise, rearrange, and adapt ...
2nd Grade Rubrics & Assessments
Frequency Rating ScaleInformal AssessmentsFinal Drama AssessmentPerformance Assessment 2nd Grade Rubrics2nd Grade Rubrics in student languageMeasuring student achievement in drama requires a combination of written and performance-based assessment.  On this page, there are a variety of tools (PDF downloads) for use throughout the ...
2nd Grade Vocabulary
Vocabulary for the Second Grade  This PDF document contains definitions in student language for the vocabulary words listed in each lesson.  These classroom-tested definitions are used when introducing these concepts in the classroom.  Of course, many of the words here may have additional ...