Sydney & Jojo Lesson

Sydney & Jojo Lesson: Speaking Text

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Objective: students speak dialogue, use imitation and observation skills to act out a story from beginning to end.

Students enjoy exploring family relationships. Sydney and Jojo are siblings who have trouble getting along. This lesson asks students to engage the voice and employ observation skills to create a drama (part of the second grade objectives). The students practice adding lines of dialogue to act out the story of Sydney & Jojo (download the story to complete the materials).  We also suggest you start with a mirror or concentration activity as a warm-up to this lesson, as one character imitates the other as part of the action of the story. This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Second Grade Curriculum.

Second Grade Drama Journal: Sydney and Jojo

To maximize student achievement, download this drama journal for students to use as reflection or formative assessment. For each lesson in the curriculum, we have created a corresponding journal page for your students. A drama journal allows participants to reflect on their learning and artistic growth (metacognition). It also allows you, the teacher, to see how students are using the drama vocabulary, thinking about big ideas, and perceiving their own strengths and weaknesses. If you use the journal for assessment and would like more assessment tools, visit our Second Grade Curriculum

Grade Level


  • 3 Drama Tools
  • Body
  • Human
  • Mind
  • Observation
  • Speaking Lines
  • Voice


  • Character Education
  • Predicting
  • Social/Emotional Learning
  • Story Elements
  • Teamwork


  • Open