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  • Tell me more about these Introductory Lessons.      We created these lessons to jump start any teacher or group that is unfamiliar with using drama.  Using these lessons, you can implement and experiment with the creative process and the basic skills of drama while stimulating learning and integrating drama with other subjects.  After that, you can move on to our full, grade appropriate curriculum with objectives aligned to United States National Standards. We've planned the academic year for you with the lessons in sequence and corresponding assessments.

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  • What if I want to provide training to my group or organization all at once?     No problem: either contact us to setup a group account at OneStopDramaShop.com or you can engage the services of the Karen Erickson to provide custom workshops for the staff.

  • How is drama useful in a regular classroom?      Integrating drama into your class can improve students' academic performance, comprehension, attendance, self esteem and improve engagement.

  • What will I get for my membership?      As our Standard Member, you can download 4 new documents (articles, stories, lessons, etc) per month.  If you upgrade to a Premium membership, your monthly limit increases to 12 downloads.  Both levels have the same selection of standards-based drama resources on this site.

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  • Can I get a preview of the documents available?      We offer a 30-day Risk Free trial period where you can signup and download 4 documents to use.  We believe you will find the material invaluable for working on drama skills and knowledge and will continue with your membership.

  • What if I already own Karen Erickson's books--why should I signup?     Congratulations!  You already have some of the best material available for integrating drama into your curriculum.  Here, you will find new activities and stories previously unpublished and available exclusively. Beginning to mine her decades of drama archives, Karen has started sharing several tested-and-true activities and stories for the first time. These gems will add value to those who already own her books as well as those new to her integration methods.

  • Can my school or institution sign up?    Absolutely!  Our annual subscriptions for educators (per seat license) can be found on here.  Please contact us for a quote or with a customized request.

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