5th Grade Lessons

Recommended Lesson Sequence for Fifth Grade 

The lessons suggested for our Fifth Grade Curriculum are put in a recommended delivery order below, but you may revise, rearrange, and adapt as you see fit.  This year-long planning guide maps a year of drama teaching based on the lessons in this guide.  This sequence is not a mandate; rather, it is intended to provide you with assistance as you select the lessons for your classroom.

NOTE: this sequence is for classes with PRIOR drama instruction.  For classes without prior experience, begin with our foundational Introductory Lessons.  If teachers, in grades that precede yours, are already teaching drama, you don’t need to teach those foundational lessons, just begin with this new set of lessons.

September1. Crazy Shapes & Transform the Chair    1
2. Statue Maker with Nursery Rhymes    1
3. Creating Tableaux & Pictures in a Gallery1, 2
October4.  Emotion Emotion  2, 3
5.  Tableau Stories  2, 3
November6. Three Scenes From a Book    3
7.  Pantomime with a Prop  3, 4
December8.  And That's a Blue Day  3, 5
9.   This Morning I Felt 3, 5
January10. Good News, Bad News 6, 7
11.  Jabberwocky6, 7
February12.  Painting Stories8
March13.  Landforms (Three-Day Unit)8
April14.  Art Print Lesson10
May15.  Journey to Another Culture (Six-Day Unit)8, 9, 11

Fifth Grade Drama Curriculum
CURRICULUM MENUAbout this Curriculum Guide for Fifth Grade StudentsEach of these lessons has been tested in the classroom and taught successfully for many years.  These lessons are intended as an extension to the foundational Introductory Lessons which have the background and methodology needed to ...
5th Grade Drama Objectives & Standards
Fifth Grade Drama Objectives  Drama Objectives Alignment to National Standards These objectives cover essential learning in the art form for nine- to ten-year-old students.   This first PDF download above (appears below for subscribers) contains objectives used in our Fifth Grade Curriculum in a ...
Fifth Grade Vocabulary
Vocabulary for the Fifth Grade This PDF document contains definitions in student language for the vocabulary words listed in each lesson.  These classroom-tested definitions are used when introducing these concepts in the classroom.  Of course, many of the words here may have additional ...

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