Drama Objectives

The Erickson Drama/Learning Program contains three categories of drama objectives Self Management, Collaborative, and Discipline-based Art Objectives.
  • Self-Management or Intrapersonal Objectives:  in order to participate in drama, which feels like and looks like play, participants must also achieve self discipline. Participants must learn responsibility for their own actions.
  • Collaborative or Interpersonal Objectives:  because both drama and theatre are group art forms it is important to build person to person skills among the participants. If attention is not given to interpersonal development, the artwork will not reach its full potential.
  • Discipline Based Art Objectives:  even though drama works well as a framework for integrating other curricular areas, it is still an art form recognized as an academic discipline. Time needs to be given to presenting knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and participating in this academic subject.
Sample_Skills_for_Objectives_colorized A combination of these objectives is necessary to achieve quality work from students.  More details on these objectives are located in the drama objectives PDF document.  In the same document, we detail for you the skills the learners or students will acquire with our introductory lessons and this program. For those who are using the National Standards as a base to build a curriculum in drama, these objectives have been aligned for you with those Standards (see chart within the drama objectives (PDF). Later, you can move into the grade level appropriate objectives found in our Grade Level Guide.

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