Sixth Grade Assessments

Measuring student progress and achievement in drama requires a combination of written and performance-based assessment.  On this page, there are a variety of tools to assess student learning and the effectiveness of instruction, customizable based on your assessment needs. 

These tools were designed to support the Sixth Grade Curriculum, and include both Performance Rubrics and Essay Prompts/Rubrics. Performance Rubrics evaluate performance skills such as Concentration, Imitation, Transformation etc. Essays evaluate comprehension of drama skills and concepts by asking students to give explanations of these terms, supported by examples from their coursework. This is a great way to encourage students to reflect on their past work in drama, and think critically about the pieces they read/watch/enact. 

In our curriculum outline for the 6th grade, we offer suggested assessment points, but we encourage you to use whatever timing feels best for your class. 

NOTE: Rubrics are written to be read and understood by the students. They are meant to be shared before and after the assignment so students understand how to succeed prior to beginning the task and where they need to improve after receiving their grade. Teacher Checklists are written solely for the use of the teacher, for your ease and convenience while grading work.

Communicating Through Movement Rubric 

Communicating Through Sound Rubric

Concentration Rubric

Imitation Rubric

Planning and Practicing Rubric 

Transformation Rubric

Story Elements Essay Rubric

Critique Essay Rubric

Collaboration Essay Rubric

Action/Reaction Essay Rubric 


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