First Grade Lessons

Recommended Lesson Sequence for First Grade 

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This year-long planning guide maps a year of drama teaching.  We put these lessons in a recommended delivery order below, but you may revise, rearrange, and adapt as you see fit.  This sequence is not a mandate; rather, it is intended to provide you with assistance as you build a curriculum for your classroom.
September1.    Pass the Imaginary Object: The Drama Skills1, 2
2.    The Ice Wizard: Concentration 2, 3a-c
3.    Peanut Butter & Jelly: Transformation 2, 3a-c
4.    Magic Carpet: Reviewing C.I.T.I.2, 3a-c
October5.    Mom Figures it Out: Communicating with Movement4
6.    Before I Couldn't But Now I Can: The Drama Tools4
7.    Scareman: Learning to Problem Solve2, 3a-d, 6
November8.    Stubborn Clay: Cooperation3f
9.    The Circus: Planning & Practicing3e, 5, 6
10.  Pilgrims: A Life Drama for Advanced Students10
December11.  Ghost Who Couldn't Scare: Audience Behaviors5, 6
12.  The Dreamer: Body Objects4, 7
January13.  Randolph: Story Elements5, 7
14.  Cubby Finds a Home: Communicating with Voice8
February15.  The Puddle: More Story Elements7
16.  Hungry Caterpillar: Sequencing with the Body4, 7
17.  Emotions Lesson8, 9
March18.  Hermit Monster: Playing Emotions8, 9
19.  Early American Life: Creating Action4, 7
20.  Mindless Woman: Communicating with the Body7, 8
April21.  The River: Mirroring Real Life through Cooperation3, 10
May22.  The Vegetable Garden: Creating Characters8, 10
23.  Acting Out Life Cycles: Reviewing the Tools & Skills2, 8

All the First Grade Lessons

First Grade Drama Objectives & Standards
First Grade Drama Objectives  Drama Objectives Alignment to National Standards These objectives cover essential learning in the art form for five- to seven-year-old students.   This first PDF download above contains objectives used in our First Grade Curriculum (appears below for members) in ...
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First Grade Simple Assessment
Assessment Sheet for First Grade Curriculum  Measuring student achievement in drama requires a combination of written and performance-based assessment (typically for the older children).  You can use this simple self-assessment with the students after working with them using the First ...
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First Grade Vocabulary
Vocabulary for the First Grade  This PDF document contains definitions in student language for the vocabulary words listed in each lesson.  These classroom-tested definitions are used when introducing these concepts in the classroom.  Of course, many of the words here may have additional ...
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Rubrics for First and Second Grade
Rubrics for First and Second Grade This PDF provides rubrics to use when evaluating first and second graders on their drama skills.  Feel free to use as is or adapt them to your class or group ...
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