Sixth Grade Assessments

Measuring student progress and achievement in drama requires a combination of written and performance-based assessment.  On this page, there are a variety of tools to assess student learning and the effectiveness of instruction, customizable based on your assessment needs.  These tools were designed to support the Sixth Grade Curriculum, and include both Performance Rubrics and … Read more

Sixth Grade Vocabulary

Vocabulary List for the Sixth Grade This PDF document contains definitions in student language for the vocabulary words listed in each lesson.  These classroom-tested definitions are used when introducing these concepts in the classroom.  Of course, many of the words here may have additional meanings or meanings in other contexts.  This vocabulary list strives only … Read more

Sixth Grade Lessons

Recommended Lesson Sequence for Sixth Grade No Prior Drama  Recommended Lesson Sequence for Sixth Grade With Prior Drama Purchase Lesson Sequence Outline only Purchase or download individual lessons below These year-long planning guides map a year of drama teaching.  We put these lessons in a recommended delivery order below, but you may revise, rearrange, and adapt … Read more

Story Selection for Great Classrooms

Classroom management and student engagement often begin with selecting the right story for your class.  In my curriculum, younger students start out by playing the major characters all together. Then, as a next step, I place them in groups where they learn how to divide the roles amongst themselves – See Negotiation Strategies. Because of … Read more

Voice Work – Sound to Dialogue

Vocal Work – Building Vocal Confidence – Sound to Dialogue   Beginning with movement, imitation, and pantomime is an excellent choice for young actors or beginning actors of any age.  Sooner or later, however, you need to introduce the human voice.  Improvising believable dialogue is not easy for students.  They might take the path of … Read more

Plot Boosters

Plot Boosters Use this list of plot boosters to develop original stories for your drama work! These ideas can support the plot by moving the story along, giving the reader/viewer new information, showing character changes, foreshadowing, providing irony, creating cause and effect, and supporting the message and/or theme of the story. 

SPICE it Up! – Reinvigorate Your Curriculum with Drama Integration

Announcing’s Inaugural Online Conference We are thrilled to announce that our first ever SPICE It Up! Conference is happening this summer from August 12-13, 2022. We wanted to create a space for our teachers to deepen their knowledge of Arts Integration and expand their teaching strategies with the help of experts in the field. … Read more

5th Grade Lessons

Recommended Lesson Sequence for Fifth Grade  The lessons suggested for our Fifth Grade Curriculum are put in a recommended delivery order below, but you may revise, rearrange, and adapt as you see fit.  This year-long planning guide maps a year of drama teaching based on the lessons in this guide.  This sequence is not a mandate; rather, … Read more

Back to School using DRAMA

back to school using drama

School is starting soon, or for some of you, it has already begun.  Don’t forget to plan drama into your weekly routine – plan to go back to school using drama.  This article provides some ideas to help you kick off the year.  Also, don’t forget to share with us the first drama lesson you … Read more