Classroom Strategies for Drama: Part 4

Hello friends of OneStopDRAMAShop, and welcome to our final installment of our Classroom Strategies for Drama series. This installment continues with five more strategies, each including a practical example from our lesson library. We hope you have found this blog series informative and helpful. Have a great start to the school year! 1. PBL (Problem … Read more

Classroom Strategies for Drama: Part 3

Five Approaches to Improvisation

Hello friends of OneStopDRAMAShop, and welcome back! In my last blog article, I introduced five more classroom strategies for drama, each linked to an applied example from our lesson library. This installment continues with six more strategies, each including a practical example. As always, please reach out if you have any questions, and happy teaching! … Read more

Classroom Strategies for Drama: Part 2

the bystander

In my last article, I went over how to choose a strategy and introduced four of my favorite Classroom Strategies for Drama. This article introduces another five strategies, each linked to an example lesson so you can see how they might be applied in a classroom setting. As always, please feel free to reach out … Read more

Story Selection for Great Classrooms

Classroom management and student engagement often begin with selecting the right story for your class.  In my curriculum, younger students start out by playing the major characters all together. Then, as a next step, I place them in groups where they learn how to divide the roles amongst themselves – See Negotiation Strategies. Because of … Read more

Voice Work – Sound to Dialogue

Vocal Work – Building Vocal Confidence – Sound to Dialogue   Beginning with movement, imitation, and pantomime is an excellent choice for young actors or beginning actors of any age.  Sooner or later, however, you need to introduce the human voice.  Improvising believable dialogue is not easy for students.  They might take the path of … Read more

Process Drama Workshop with Pam Bowell on 14th January, 2023

OneStopDRAMAShop and Creative Directions are excited to welcome Pam Bowell as a presenter for a virtual one day working session on Saturday, January 14th on Process Drama.  Overwhelmingly, our summer conference attendees asked for “More Pam, please.”  So here she comes all the way from Buckinghamshire in England – to share her immense knowledge with … Read more

Teaching Negotiation Strategies

teaching negotiation strategies

I recently had a question posed by Abbey in Maryland, who wanted to know more about negotiation strategies. I am including her question and my answer here in hopes that it will give others more insight into these strategies. You might want to reference the “Concentration and Partner Work” lesson in the Getting Started With … Read more