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Welcome   to the Erickson Drama/Learning Program materials.

Classroom teachers and drama educators: all you need to implement this program in your classroom is a group of students, a space large enough in which to move comfortably, a signaling device, and you! Stage directors, coaches, counselors, and acting teachers: this program will give you many ideas to use in rehearsals and in workshop sessions with participants.  You will be primarily interested in the Level I Activities, Stories, and the Level II Lessons.  But don’t be afraid to take a look at the Level III and IV materials as these are great ideas for devising performance work with all ages and proficiency levels. This Getting Started section is for the person who needs a way to begin.
start_sign If you are new to OneStopDRAMAShop, here are some recommendations to get you going:
  1. Numbers-BlocksFIRST, read through the program overview below familiarizing yourself with the Drama Learning Levels.
  2. SECOND, for those new to drama or working with students who are beginners, start by teaching the 7 introductory lessons.  Not enough time to teach 7 lessons?  Then we recommend you download lessons 2-5 and begin with those.  If you are familiar with drama and have begun instruction previously, but still want support, then you might want to consider lessons 3-4 in the Introductory Lessons Section.
  3. THIRD, check out our resources and download what you need to be successful.
  4. FOURTH, begin downloading activities, lessons, stories, and other ideas to continue building your own drama/theater program, or curriculum for your students or participants.  Do it your way.
  5. FIFTH, have fun.  If you need support, don’t hesitate to contact us.  If you need a lesson developed to integrate with something you are teaching, we are here to assist with that as well.

Welcome, we are glad you are here!

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Introductory Lesson Guide

The Erickson Drama/Learning Program is organized by four distinct and progressive levels and a Five Word Focus.  These Five Words cover the five beginning skills in ...
The Erickson Drama/Learning Program contains three categories of drama objectives:  Self Management, Collaborative, and Discipline-based Art Objectives. Self-Management or Intrapersonal Objectives:  in order to ...
We designed these lessons to introduce the skills and concepts of drama before moving to more integrated work.  Begin by ...
Rubrics for Introductory Lessons
Rubrics for Introductory Lessons This download contains a series of rubrics that you can use as-is or adapt for use with the introductory lessons ...