Zookeeper Solves a Problem Lesson

Zookeeper Solves a Problem Lesson

Zookeeper Solves a Problem Lesson:  Using Voice

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Objective: students use vocal and non-vocal sounds to create a drama.
Students revel in making sounds with their voice, body, and other objects.  This lesson gives them the opportunity to experiment with sound and the five senses to create a drama (part of the 2nd grade objectives).  Beginning with  the Vocal Symphony exercise and concluding with the story The Zookeeper Solves a Problem, students have fun creating animals of all types.  Download the activity and the story to complete your lesson materials.  We have also had success applying this lesson to the books “Down by the Cool of the Pool” by Tony Mitton and “Clams Can’t Sing” by James Stevenson.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Second Grade Curriculum.

Grade Level


  • Senses
  • Sound
  • Vocal & Nonvocal Sounds
  • Voice


  • Animals
  • Environment
  • Habitats
  • Poetry
  • Social/Emotional Learning
  • Sounds
  • The 5 Senses


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