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Integration Ideas: Character Motivation|Plot|Sequencing|Social/Emotional Learning|Story Elements|Story Structure
Concepts/Skills Taught: 3 Drama Tools|Body|Collaboration|Cooperation|Ensemble|Mind|Praising|Setting|Story Elements
Room Arrangements: Open

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The Dreamer Lesson: Body Objects

Objective: students use the body and mind to create settings for a story.

Students transform their bodies into objects, first alone, then with a partner, and finally with a group creating settings for the story The Dreamer which is the culmination of the lesson.   Students discuss story elements and go deeper into collaborative skills (in the first grade objectives).  This lesson is the Overview page only ("Lesson at a Glance") as it is based on the Body Objects Lesson (complementary download) and requires the story of the same name -- The Dreamer, found in our story library.   Download these 3 documents for the complete lesson.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the First Grade Curriculum.