Cubby Finds a Home Lesson Download


Integration Ideas: Animals|Environment|Habitats|Plot Sequence|Seasons|Story Elements
Concepts/Skills Taught: Animals|Communication|Voice
Room Arrangements: Open

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Cubby Finds a Home LessonCommunicating with Voice

Objective: students use the voice to communicate a story.

This winter story has a surprise ending.  Students infer, make guesses, and put clues together to figure out who Cubby is and where he needs to live for the winter.   Students add sound effects with the voice for the first time (part of the first grade objectives).   This lesson also recommends using a vocal warm-up activity: you can use your own or pick one of ours from our activity library.  We designed this lesson around the story of the same name -- download Cubby finds a Home from our story library to complete the lesson.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the First Grade Curriculum.