The Sacred Scarab Lesson – Review & Assess Download


Integration Ideas: Language Arts|Social/Emotional Learning|Story Elements
Concepts/Skills Taught: Audience Behaviors|Collaboration|Concentration|Imitation|Memory|Planning|Practicing|Transformation
Room Arrangements: Open

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The Sacred Scarab Lesson: Review & Assess 

Overview: the students review how all the tools and skills they learned fit together to create a drama. 

Objectives:  students demonstrate memorization skills; demonstrate interpersonal and collaborative skills; define story elements. 

Reviewing skills previously learned are at the heart of this summative lesson: acting out a story with human characters, using movement techniques introduced in the previous lesson, demonstrating how to use the body to create settings, following the planning and practicing procedures, and collaborating with a team.  We designed this review around the story The Sacred Scarab Root  (download from our story library).

This is a culminating lesson and if the students do well, you are now ready to move into the grade level curricular areas. Most of the lesson is review and/or assessment.  If you are not assessing and the class appears ready to advance, you might also use this lesson to introduce or review story elements.

This is the final part of our Introductory Lessons that serve to prepare students or groups for integrated drama work.  When your class has completed all of our introductory lessons, move to the appropriate grade level drama curriculum.