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Integration Ideas: Details|Geography|Plot Sequence|Social Studies|Story Elements|Teamwork|Visualizing|Writing
Concepts/Skills Taught: Body|Character|Plot|Setting|Story Elements
Room Arrangements: Open

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Mindless Woman LessonCommunicating with the Body

Objective: students demonstrate how the drama tools are used to create a story.

Based on an old Chinese folk tale, this lesson has groups working to create settings for a very humorous story (part of the first grade objectives).  This is a full class drama and you are the narrator as well as play a character, if you like.  Students transform their bodies into setting elements as the Mindless Woman makes a journey to get her “baby” back.  In each group students must decide the one actor who gets the “plum” role…a good assessment on all things learned in drama, including collaborative decision making.  It is nice to have a silly hat on hand to represent the woman.  This lesson uses the story Mindless Woman -- download it from the story library before you start.   This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the First Grade Curriculum and can also be used for Kindergarten.