The Ice Wizard Lesson Download


Integration Ideas: Character Education|Dance|Fantasy|Listening|Music|Personal Space|Reality|Visual Art
Concepts/Skills Taught: Concentration|Imagination|Imitation|Self Space
Room Arrangements: Open

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The Ice Wizard Lesson: Concentration 

Objective: students demonstrate concentration, following directions, maintaining personal space and using positive non-distracting behaviors.

Students love the freeze activity where they can demonstrate the skill of concentration; they often beg to repeat it over and over.  This lesson ends with the story of a mean wizard who can only be outwitted by children who can concentrate.  Students must apply the freeze in the enactment of the story.   An abbreviated Ice Wizard story is included with the lesson but we recommend you download the full version which gives you more details for the enactment.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the First Grade Curriculum but is also suitable for kindergarten.