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Integration Ideas: Listening|Speaking
Concepts/Skills Taught: 3 Drama Tools|Body|Listening|Mind|Sound|Speaking Lines|Support Tools|Voice
Room Arrangements: Open

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The Museum LessonWorking with Setting 

Objective: students combine the primary tools of the actor (body, mind, voice) and a simple support tool (prop, fabric, etc.) to create character and setting.

Like the Vision Quest, students enact a story with some members of the team playing characters and some transforming into setting (part of the 3rd grade objectives).  The twist – they are introduced to setting and props and must plan how to incorporate one chair into their drama.     This lesson is a good formative assessment to check for understanding and observe basic skills needed for planning and presenting drama work.  If they lack the knowledge or skills in these areas, be prepared to review.  It might also be useful to review our tips for viewing student work before working with the class.  This lesson uses the story of the same name "The Museum": download it to complete the lesson.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Third Grade Curriculum.