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Integration Ideas: Habitats|Living Things|Playwriting|Science|Story Elements
Concepts/Skills Taught: Animals|Character|Conflict|Dialogue|Emotions|Habitats|Playwriting|Setting|Story Elements
Room Arrangements: Open

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Adaptation of Living Things Lesson 

Objective: students adapt and/or revise story details.

Animal characters make up the focus for "Greysum Opossum’s Way" (included).  Students adapt the story putting in their own ideas as they work in a team (part of the third grade objectives).  This lesson integrates well with science, teaching adaptation or needs of living things in habitats.  If students need a refresher on playing animal characters upright, review the Hare and Tortoise Lesson from our Introductory Lesson series.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Third Grade Curriculum.