Scareman Lesson Download


Integration Ideas: Animals|Details|Plot Sequence|Story Elements|The 5 Senses
Concepts/Skills Taught: Brainstorming|Creativity|Problem Solving|The Five Senses
Room Arrangements: Open

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Scareman Lesson: Learning to Problem Solve

Objective: students solve acting problems before acting out a story.

Sometimes actors face problems in deciding how they will act out a certain part of a story.  Getting the students to think like artists and problem solve before playing a story is the goal of this lesson .  In the story of Scareman the students play animal characters and think about the five senses and how they assist us in navigating the world.  This lesson also stresses cooperation with others and responding to the work of classmates in a positive manner (part of the first grade objectives).  We designed this lesson around the story of the same name -- download Scareman from our story library to complete the lesson.   Before starting this lesson, review our tips for teaching in role.  This lesson in the First Grade Curriculum can also be used for Kindergarten.