Transform with a Chair Activity

Transform with a Chair Activity This exercise is designed for beginning students. Participants learn how to transform into characters. The activity includes suggestions for characters to try!

Transform the Chair Activity

Transform the Chair Activity This imagination-building activity asks participants to transform their physicality as they imagine different environments. The activity includes ideas for places to try! Each student will need a chair.

Pass the Imaginary Object Lesson

pass the imaginary object

Pass the Imaginary Object Lesson: The Drama Skills Objective: students demonstrate the skills needed to act out stories. The skills of imagination and concentration are central to this first lesson as students work with imaginary objects, imitating and transforming them through play (part of the first grade objectives).  This introductory lesson is fun for you and … Read more

Imitation and Physical Work: Defining Words

Ooltewah school and the Defining Words lesson

Imitation and Physical Work: Defining Words Lesson Objective: students experience how to communicate ideas. A Language Arts integrated lesson for students using gesture, facial expression, movement and sound to communicate vocabulary words.  Handouts for students are included.  Just supply your own vocabulary words.  The Language Arts objective is to build vocabulary and read with fluency.  The … Read more


Bop activity This activity requires  basic math and counting (only could be an issue with younger students).  It is a good mental warm-up and improves the concentration of the group.

Bean Bag Hot Potato

Bean Bag Hot Potato activity Use this as a warm-up activity or improve the concentration and believability of the group.  Three to four bean bags are needed.

Advanced Patty Cake

Advanced Patty Cake activity  In this activity, the participants work in pairs or small groups on a complex sequence of patty cake that gets reflected back for their partner.

Circle Claps

Circle Claps activity  This activity came from a Russian arts education specialist.  Russians use a great deal of sound and rhythm in their work.  It makes a great warm-up.  You can have the group create their own variation to this game.

Down, Down, Down

Down, Down, Down activity  Use this activity to work on increasing the concentration of the group.  This is adapted from an Australian game and requires a ball or bean bag.


Fabrics activity  In this activity, the kids choose from a variety of fabrics to transform one chosen “actor” into different personas.  Each child should also have the opportunity to be the “actor.”    Successful groups will treat each other’s ideas with respect.