Imitation Relays

Imitation Relays activity  This activity is a variation on hot potato with participants cooperatively interacting.  Instead of passing a “potato”, they pass and adapt different types of activities (suggestions included).

Size, Shape, Weight

Size, Shape, Weight activity  In this activity, participants pass imaginary objects around and use their imagination to build on the idea.

Sound Story

Sound Story activity This activity works with sounds representing objects from around the room.  The participants then create a story with those sounds.

Texture Characters

Texture Characters activity This activity requires bags of items (i.e. textured cloth or other material).  This can be done individually or in groups.

Tray of Objects

Tray of Objects activity  This activity works with participant’s memory and recall and requires a tray of various objects be prepared in advance.

The Liars’ Club

The Liars’ Club activity This activity has a smaller group of participants try to fool the larger audience with a personal story.  This practices strategies for good storytelling (i.e. eye contact, vocal variety, etc).

Vocal Symphony

Vocal Symphony activity In this activity, each participant creates their own vocal sound and they work in groups to create a vocal symphony.  This is related to the Sound Symphony activity.

Sound Symphony

Sound Symphony activity In this activity, participants work in small groups and each finds something in the room that produces sound.  As a group, they work to reproduce a song.  This is related to the Vocal Symphony activity.

Concentration and Partner Work Lesson

Concentration and Partner Work Lesson: Statue Maker Overview: students explore the role of the mind in drama. Objectives: students evaluate self and praise others; define the 5 key vocabulary words (imagination, imitation, transformation, concentration, and collaboration); practice self-management; demonstrate collaborative strategies Freeze!  How long can students stay frozen?  Can they hold still for a partner, … Read more

Book, Stick, Chair, Person Lesson: The Three Drama Words

Book, Stick, Chair, Person: The Three Drama Words  Overview: the students will learn what transformation, imitation, and imagination have to do with drama. Objectives:  students name the four fine arts; evaluate self and praise others; define the 5 key vocabulary words (concentration, imitation, imagination, transformation, collaboration); speak and listen in character. Is there a book in … Read more