Level II: Story Drama Description

Level II:  Drama as Art

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To have art you must have form. Form in drama is beginning, middle and end (character, setting, language, conflict, exposition, rising action, inciting incident, crisis, catastrophe, falling action, climax, and denouement). Within the form, there is dramatic action driving the conflict which comes to a resolution. The dramatic action is carried out by characters within an environment/setting involved in problem solving situations that are embedded in the form.

In LEVEL II, the work is planned, practiced and refined.**

Level II is the study of dramatic story as an art form. This level is sometimes referred to as “story drama” because story is the basis of the art form. Students learn the structure and formal elements of dramatic story which are identical to the elements when studying literature.

These are stories (some with corresponding lessons or units) that have students planning and practicing written, devised, scripted, or improvised narratives.  Ideas for Level II Stories can be found using the Search bar on the right.

Download the PDF for a more in-depth description of the level along with a chart showing the skills mastered, a planning checklist, and strategies for using this drama form.

** LEVEL II dramas can be shared (or not) with people outside of the class group. When this is done, drama becomes theater.  For participants up through age 12, keep the emphasis on improvised work rather than on memorized scripts as this builds confidence, makes lines sound authentic, and keeps drama safe for all participants.


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