Walking Activity

Walking Activity Participants, working on concentration and imitation, imagine walking on different substances. This activity is useful for integration with physical education and dance. 

Walking Through Space Activity

Walking Through Space Activity This exercise will engage your students’ bodies and imaginations! As participants walk around the room, they will explore how different body parts and different environments affect their movements. 

Snowmen Activity

Snowmen Activity Participants begin as snowmen standing in a field. Then, using concentration and physical control, they begin to melt!

Rubber Band Activity

Rubber Band Activity This is a great physical warm up for all ages! Participants stretch and release their bodies while learning to work with space and follow directions.

Rag Doll Drop Activity

Rag Doll Drop Activity In this physical warm up, participants use their imaginations to stretch and prepare for drama.

Rabbit, Elephant, Duck, or Horse Activity

Rabbit, Elephant, Duck, or Horse Activity In this fast-paced and competitive warm up game, participants quickly create animals with their bodies. This activity can also be integrated with language arts by using characters or images from a book!

Partner Lifts Activity

Partner Lifts Activity In this activity, partners attempt to lift each other up while using their imaginations. Concentration, cooperation, and trust are keys to success. You may integrate this exercise into lessons on physical education and character education. 

Creating Tableaux & Pictures in a Gallery Lesson

Creating Tableaux & Pictures in a Gallery Lesson Objective: Students apply aesthetic principles to create stage pictures. Students create frozen images with a team to demonstrate understanding of aesthetic principles integral to work in drama—such as level, shape, line, and illusion of action. Students discover how their own aesthetic tastes and choices can affect a … Read more

Crazy Shapes & Transform the Chair Lesson

Crazy Shapes & Transform the Chair Lesson Objective: Students analyze physical choices used to communicate character. Students twist their bodies into creative images and adjust their physical expression according to changes in location and situation. They have fun learning how simple prompts about a setting impact character posture. They explore how these strong physical choices … Read more

Bean Bag Hot Potato

Bean Bag Hot Potato activity Use this as a warm-up activity or improve the concentration and believability of the group.  Three to four bean bags are needed.