Rhythm of My Name Walk Activity

Rhythm of My Name Walk Activity Participants create walks to match the rhythms in their names. This activity can be integrated with lessons on music or poetry. 

Punctuation Walk Activity

Punctuation Walk Activity In this activity, participants connect physical movements to punctuation marks. The exercise requires slips of paper filled with sentences. This activity is designed for integration with language arts. 

Nature Rhythm Walk Activity

Nature Rhythm Walk Activity Are you looking for an activity that gets students moving? In this exercise, participants move around the room based on an object from nature. Integration possibilities include units on biology or literature. Access to natural objects from the outdoors is required.

Making Machines Activity

Making Machines Activity Your participants work in concert for this teamwork-based activity.  Teams use movement, concentration, and shapes to build collaboratively.  This activity can be used to emphasize the body, shape, voice, sound or aesthetics.  We created several lessons around the machine concept for different ages.

Animal Observation Activity

Animal Observation Activity This activity works best with a trip to the zoo.  Actors observe animals in detail and create characters based on their observation.

Listen to the Beat Activity

Listen to the Beat Activity For those working on concentration and moving into more imagination building – you might try this activity which adds movement about and through the space similar to the Freeze Activity. This also reinforces the signaling device if you haven’t used it in a while.

Word Rhythm Dance

Word Rhythm Dance activity In this activity, participants use body and voice together in rhythm that works to a internal beat.  In smaller groups of 4-5, they collaborate to create a dance with their movements.

Advanced Patty Cake

Advanced Patty Cake activity  In this activity, the participants work in pairs or small groups on a complex sequence of patty cake that gets reflected back for their partner.

Circle Claps

Circle Claps activity  This activity came from a Russian arts education specialist.  Russians use a great deal of sound and rhythm in their work.  It makes a great warm-up.  You can have the group create their own variation to this game.

Lumi Sticks

Lumi Sticks activity  This activity has participants working in pairs creating rhythms with a set of sticks or rods.  Ideas are rhythms are provided and you will need to find a pair of sticks per person in the group.