Valentine’s Day Lesson

Valentine’s Day Lesson Help students work on story sequencing and imitation skills in this fun, Valentine’s Day-themed lesson! Suitable for students in grades 3-12, this lesson asks students to connect different activities to create a cohesive narrative, using setting, character, and transitions. You can integrate Language Arts by challenging students to write creative and clear … Read more

Flossie and the Fox Lesson

Flossie and the Fox Lesson Help students hone their storytelling skills with this clever and delightful tale! With this lesson, students in grades 3-4 can practice using their primary drama tools – mind, body and voice- while learning how to use additional support tools such as props, lighting or sound effects. This exciting story provides … Read more

Brave Irene Lesson

Brave Irene Lesson This exciting tale of bravery, a snowstorm and a lost dress provides a thrilling way for students to practice their storytelling skills. Based on the book “Brave Irene” by William Steig, this lesson is a great way for students grades 2-5 to practice collaboration, cooperation and using body objects to represent details … Read more

Adverbs in Motion Lesson

Adverbs in Motion Lesson Learning parts of speech does not need to be boring.  In this Level I lesson, students explore action verbs, adverbs, and even direct objects as they also learn the relationship between audience and actor and how and why actors must improve their acting skills to communicate ideas.

Writing Story, Transformation, Imitation: Humpty Dumpty Lesson

Writing Story, Transformation, Imitation: Humpty Dumpty Lesson Building off the classic tale of “Humpty Dumpty,” this lesson allows students in grades K-2 to use their imaginations to put their own spin on the story. Starting out with warm-up activity to help students practice transformation and imitation skills, this lesson culminates in students working together as a … Read more

Before I Couldn’t, But Now I Can – With Story Lesson

Before I Couldn’t, But Now I Can – With Story Lesson Immerse your students in imitation with this simple but crucial lesson! “Before I Couldn’t, But Now I Can” breaks down one of the most important drama skills. Students in grades K-3 have the chance to hone their concentration and imitation skills, with the option … Read more

Baking a Cake Lesson

Baking a Cake Lesson What’s more fun than baking a cake? You can skip the mess and use this lesson instead! By acting out the steps it takes to bake a cake, students can practice creating complex physical settings with one another. Students may practice collaboration, imitation, creating body objects and problem solving. There is … Read more

American Pioneers Lesson

American Pioneers Lesson Teaching all the complexities of westward expansion to students in grades 4-6 may seem overwhelming at first. However, in this lesson, students have the chance to apply what they have learned in social studies into creating a drama that explores the economic and geographic factors that affected Americans from 1800-1861, causing many … Read more

Connecting Drama and Science – Body Objects: With Setting, Environments and Details

Connecting Drama and Science – Body Objects: With Setting, Environments, and Details Discover the striking parallels between establishing setting in drama and studying environments from a scientific standpoint. This lesson, designed for grades 3-8, goes in-depth on both topics, challenging students to be detail-oriented and collaborative in their thinking. Students can hone their transformation and … Read more

Henry’s Magic Hat – FREE Version

Henry’s Magic Hat What are the essential building blocks of every story?  In this lesson, you will have the chance to lead students through a simple yet engaging tale about a child and his mysterious magic hat. This story is a wonderful way to teach students in grades K-2 about important story elements such as … Read more