Sensory Observation and Recall

Sensory Observation and Recall activity 

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This activity is designed to encourage observation and communication.  It requires participants or instructor to bring in objects that can fit in a box.

Pass The Story

Pass The Story activity

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This activity has participants working as a group and requires various stories, poetry or text.  Example stories are provided, but feel free to adapt your own.

I Spy

I Spy (PDF) 

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A simple game of I Spy that does not require any additional materials.  You can use this activity to develop the participant's five senses and observation skills.

Character Interviews

Character Interviews activity

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This activity has participants working in pairs or groups and requires a set of Stories, Poetry, or Nonfiction Text to hand out to each group.

Bag of Smells

Bag of Smells (PDF) 

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Participants work alone or in groups using their sense of smell.  They will expand on the emotions or feelings the smells evoke to create a story.  The activity requires a bag filled with aromatic items (examples suggested in document).

Abstract Story Shape

Abstract Story Shape activity 

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This activity involves abstract shapes for participants to create a story and requires no other materials.  Abstract shapes are provided as a guide to the types of design--feel free to use them or create your own.