Rubrics for Introductory Lessons

Rubrics for Introductory Lessons This download contains a series of rubrics that you can use as-is or adapt for use with the introductory lessons. I recommend that you not wait until the end of the lessons to introduce these rubrics, but cut them up and introduce them to the students when a skill is being taught. Before you present … Read more

Introductory Lessons

We designed these lessons to introduce the skills and concepts of drama before moving to more integrated work.  Begin by teaching these seven introductory lessons which are geared for 1st though 8th graders.  Not enough time to teach seven lessons?  Then we recommend you download lessons 2-5 and begin with those. Using these lessons, you can create … Read more

Drama Objectives

The Erickson Drama/Learning Program contains three categories of drama objectives:  Self Management, Collaborative, and Discipline-based Art Objectives. Self-Management or Intrapersonal Objectives:  in order to participate in drama, which feels like and looks like play, participants must also achieve self discipline. Participants must learn responsibility for their own actions. Collaborative or Interpersonal Objectives:  because both drama and theatre are group … Read more

Drama Learning Levels

The Erickson Drama/Learning Program is organized by four distinct and progressive levels and a Five Word Focus.  These Five Words cover the five beginning skills in drama: concentration, imagination, transformation, imitation, and collaboration. Each successive level builds upon the previous becoming more complex and enriching.  All of the levels can occur yearly from 3 year olds through university study.  Advanced drama … Read more

Introductory Curriculum

Start here if you’re new to drama.  Welcome   to the Erickson Drama/Learning Program materials. Classroom teachers and drama educators: all you need to implement this program in your classroom is a group of students, a space large enough in which to move comfortably, a signaling device, and you! Stage directors, coaches, counselors, and acting teachers: this … Read more