Tips for drama in a classroom

As you begin using drama in your classroom or organization, here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  1. Build a community (ensemble) in your classroom.  Steer the emphasis away from competition.
  2. Drama is about doing your best with others not about being the best.
  3. Drama practices should be fair to all but, at the same time, students learn they will not always get their way.  Sometimes they won’t complete the work, and often they will have to compromise with others to complete a task.
  4. Drama is about the joy of moving, speaking, and making sound.
  5. Drama is a disciplined art form and good classrooms are well managed even with the movement, speaking, and sound.
  6. If you aren’t enjoying guiding the drama work with the students – then something about the art form is lacking.  Drama should be fun for everyone to do and experience whether leading or participating!

We gathered these tips for drama from our >40 years of experience working with students and drama educators.   You can also download this list as a PDF.


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