Philosophy of this Drama/Learning Program

Organizing Philosophy of this Drama/Learning Program by Karen Erickson

Drama is an organized exploration into self-awareness and self-expression using movement, rhythm, verbalization, and role-playing.  It creates an environment that allows the participant to safely explore his/her own feelings, behavior, and ideas.  Students learn to create new perspectives from familiar actions, stretch the imagination, and share experiences that work as a springboard to group interaction and cooperation. 

Drama is a natural process through which human beings can explore and expand their own ideas and potential.  Drama is process centered.  Theater is product centered.  Drama is for all growing humans.  Theater is for the talented.  Drama is a basic human art form out of which the more complex art of theater has sprung.  Drama is where we begin so that theater might evolve

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Grade Level

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
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