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Integration Ideas: Context Clues|Culture|Details|Inferencing|Predicting|Story Elements|Visualizing
Concepts/Skills Taught: Communication|Cultural/Multicultural|Story Elements
Room Arrangements: Open

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Yo! Yes? Lesson: Communicating Ideas

Objective: students identify and communicate author’s message.

Looking at the book Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka, students gather context clues about the story of two strangers who meet from different backgrounds.   Students draw inferences from the illustrations and the text clues to determine what the author is trying to say at any given time in the story (part of the 2nd grade objectives).  Students mirror the characters on the page and speak the lines of dialogue as the story unfolds.  You can observe their discovery using the Spotlight Technique and other viewing strategies.   They uncover how the author provides clues and gain insight into how actors communicate these ideas.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Second Grade Curriculum.