“Westward Ho!” Lesson (Part 3) Download


Integration Ideas: Communities|Conflict|Geography|History Adaptation|Language Arts|Social Studies
Concepts/Skills Taught: Collaboration|Communication|Concentration|Cooperation|Creativity|Improvisation|Listening|Movement|Problem Solving|Setting|Teamwork
Room Arrangements: Open

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“Westward Ho!” Lesson (Part 3): Taking Risks

Objective: students will explore the contrasts of life in the past to modern times.

This lesson (3rd of 3) continues the previous lesson with a focus on risks.  The students will discuss and then enact the risks the pioneers took while traveling on an arduous journey westward.  They will also compare and contrast these risks to ones taken by actors and in real life (part of the 4th grade objectives).     This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Fourth Grade Curriculum.