“Westward Ho!” Lesson (Part 1) Download


Integration Ideas: Communities|Geography|History Adaptation|Social Studies
Concepts/Skills Taught: Collaboration|Communication|Concentration|Cooperation|Creativity|Improvisation|Listening|Movement|Problem Solving|Setting|Teamwork
Room Arrangements: Open

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“Westward Ho!” Lesson (Part 1): A Life Drama

Objective: students will explore the contrasts of life in the past to modern times.

This Life Drama begins a series of three lessons with a common theme.  The students create a fictional group of pioneers preparing for an arduous journey westward.  Students work through an improvisational process where there is no pre-written story or pre-determined outcome.  They apply the practice of "no denial of creation" or saying “yes” to what others create as a way to support the drama and honor the imagination of others.  You will be playing in role in this drama.  Students will immerse themselves in the contrast of life in the past to modern times (part of the 4th grade objectives).  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Fourth Grade Curriculum.