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Integration Ideas: Details|Native Americans
Concepts/Skills Taught: Collaboration|Concentration|Imagination|Imitation|Narrator|Transformation
Room Arrangements: Open

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Vision Quest LessonBody Objects Review 

Objective: students demonstrate concentration, imagination, imitation, transformation and collaboration as they plan and practice a drama.

Students transform the body into objects and then combine objects to create settings for a dramatic story.   Students then enact the one character journey story in small groups with one team member playing the character and the others creating all of the settings (part of the 3rd grade objectives).  This lesson uses a Native American story of the same name "The Vision Quest": download it to complete the lesson.  This lesson can be used to integrate topics related to Native American life or teach details in language arts - read more about it in the lesson.  The lesson is also reviews collaboration and negotiation skills first introduced in second grade (see this lesson for a review).  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Third Grade Curriculum.