The Vegetable Garden Lesson Download


Integration Ideas: Bullying|Character Education|Fantasy|Living Things|Plot Sequence|Reality|Science|Story Elements|Teamwork
Concepts/Skills Taught: Body|Character|Communication|Voice
Room Arrangements: Open

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The Vegetable Garden Lesson: Creating Characters 

Objective: students compare actions of characters to real life behaviors and demonstrate how the body and voice are used to create character.

A vegetable garden and a vineyard vie for attention in this story of a farmer who forgets the produce that has supported him for so long.  This lesson is integrated with science for students in first grade as they enact the needs of living things.   The students also imitate real-life behaviors compare how human behaviors mirror the story (part of the first grade objectives).  It may be useful to review anonymous casting techniques and strategies for viewing student dramas before beginning the lesson.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the First Grade Curriculum and can also be used for Kindergarten.