The Story of Rabbit, Elephant, and Whale Download


Integration Ideas: Africa|Animals|Cause and Affect|Conflict|Emotions|Folk Tales|Observation|Plot Sequence|Point of View|Problem Solving|Reflection|Self Esteem|Story Elements
Concepts/Skills Taught: Action/Reaction|Animals|Balance|Collaboration|Conflict|Emotions|Imagination|Observation|Personification|Repetition|Space Control|Story Elements|Teamwork|Transformation
Room Arrangements: Open

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The Story of Rabbit, Elephant, and Whale

In this story, the rabbit outsmarts the elephant and the whale, both of which use their physical size against the rabbit.  Students like to act out the different parts in this story as they learn that sometimes being wise can counter physical size.  This story is also designed into a full lesson for the 4th grade to teach students how actors use the drama tools (body, mind, voice) to create a character.