The Ghost Who Couldn’t Scare Download


Integration Ideas: Cause and Affect|Conflict|Emotions|Fantasy|Friendship|Observation|Plot Sequence|Point of View|Reflection|Repetition|Self Esteem|Story Elements|Wishes
Concepts/Skills Taught: Collaboration|Imagination|Imitation|Problem Solving|Repetition|Story Elements|Theme/Idea
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The Ghost Who Couldn’t Scare story

This is a story for working in partners.  It works with the skills for Collaboration, Imagination, Imitation, Listening, Problem Solving, Repetition, and Story Elements: Theme.

It was inspired by an old railroad car and tracks I saw for years sitting on the prairie as I drove to visit my parents in Western Illinois.  Weeds grew up around that railroad car and I'm sure people had forgotten all about it.  This is the story I created during many journeys home past that boxcar.