Rabbit, Elephant, Whale Lesson Download


Integration Ideas: Africa|Folk Tales|Geography|Language Arts|Social Studies
Concepts/Skills Taught: 3 Drama Tools|Body|Human|Mind|Personification|Transformation|Voice
Room Arrangements: Open

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Rabbit, Elephant, Whale Lesson: Observation & Personification

Objective: students will learn how actors use the drama tools to create a character.

Students have fun personifying animal characters to create a story of their own design.   The students’ then use the actor’s tools (mind, body, voice) to create a drama using observation (part of the 4th grade objectives).  This lesson is designed around the story of the same name - download The Story of the Rabbit, Elephant, Whale before you begin.  We also suggest you start with an imitation activity as a warm-up to this lesson such as Pass the Imaginary Object.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Fourth Grade Curriculum.