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Integration Ideas: Character Education|Folk Tales|Imaging|Language Arts|Story Elements|Teamwork|Visualizing
Concepts/Skills Taught: Character|Conflict|Plot|Setting|Solution|Story Elements
Room Arrangements: Open

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Paper Bag Princess Lesson:  Story Elements

Objective: students identify the story elements in a variety of dramatic stories.

Who doesn’t love stories about princesses and princes with a dragon thrown in too?  This is an old story with a new twist, because it is the princess who saves the day.   This lesson focuses on the story elements of character, setting, plot, problem, solution, conflict, and message.  Students identify these elements and learn their importance in creating a drama (part of the 2nd grade objectives).  We designed this lesson around the story The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch, a book that is readily available, and can be delivered in small groups or as a full class drama.  Before starting this lesson as a full class drama, review our anonymous casting tips for choosing students to play the different characters.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Second Grade Curriculum.