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Level III:  Life Drama Description

Level III is characterized by the fact that there is no formal planning before the drama.  Participants are usually unaware of the conflict to come.  There might be preparation in character development, mood, setting (the “where”), and/or space.  The leader's job is to focus the conflict in order to illuminate a human problem of some kind.  The leader provides the starting point for the drama.  The leader has 2-3 surprises (complications, twists) ready in case the drama itself does not provide them.  This level puts participants in some “risky” situations, which they live in the moment.  The unexpected happens.  Participants must make choices and decisions without knowing what outcomes those choices and decisions will bring next.  

Level III attempts to touch the universal human characteristics of each participant so they can get a better understanding of the nature of mankind.    It is an attempt to understand universal truths; to deepen understanding and appreciation of self and others; and to experience the human condition.  Level III is never for product or presentation.  If so, it becomes Level II. Once Level III is introduced, you can move onto Level IV at any time.

This PDF also discusses the concept "No Denial of Creation" in detail.  

Download the PDF for a more in-depth description of the level along with a chart showing the skills mastered, a planning checklist, and strategies for using this drama form.