Getting Started with Drama Guide – Digital Book


All you need to implement this program in your classroom is a group of children, a space large enough in which to move comfortably, and you!  You don’t need to purchase supplies or special equipment.  Drama is already in your classroom.  This book will show you how to draw it out of your students.



Now available as a Digital Book!

Purchase this today and receive an immediate link for downloading. This digital copy contains all 198 pages of the original paper book to be used on any electronic device for quick reference or can be printed.  In addition to the Lessons, this digital edition contains Ideas for Integration, Objectives linked to Lessons, a Getting Started Sequence and Tools + Resources including Tips, Rubrics, and a Glossary.

This foundational guide provides an interactive system created for 1st to 8th grade teachers who are new to drama. This revision includes:

  • seven detailed lesson plans
  • added stories
  • teaching and classroom management strategies
  • lesson planning guides
  • integration ideas
  • and much more!

The book is intended to grow with any teacher's knowledge and skills. There is space for notes and is designed for a three-ring notebook to make it easy to add and delete materials.

This guide is also available electronically, in individual pieces, to our members for download.  You can preview the material and purchase individual parts, including the introductory lessons online.