Early American Life Lesson Download


Integration Ideas: Colonial Life|History Adaptation|Pioneers|Social Studies|Story Elements
Concepts/Skills Taught: 3 Drama Tools|Barter|Character|Conflict|Solution
Room Arrangements: Open

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Early American Life Lesson: Creating Action

Objective: students use the body to imitate character actions and create objects in a setting;  they also identify problems and solutions in a story.

Students reenact the lives of early American settlers, a great connection to Social Studies (early American life).   This lesson also uses the children's book The Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall and Barbara Cooney, letting the children get a glimpse into life long ago as they “live” it.   One section of the lesson recommends using props (or pictures) of household and farm implements from the time period, this section can be deleted but if you have the objects, or pictures of the objects, it is a delight for the students. This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the First Grade Curriculum. andcan also be used for Kindergarten.