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Integration Ideas: Language Arts|Social/Emotional Learning|Word Study
Concepts/Skills Taught: Collaboration|Concentration|Cooperation|Ensemble|Partner Work|Self Space
Room Arrangements: Circle|Seated

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Concentration and Partner Work Lesson: Statue Maker

Overview: students explore the role of the mind in drama.

Objectives: students evaluate self and praise others; define the 5 key vocabulary words (imagination, imitation, transformation, concentration, and collaboration); practice self-management; demonstrate collaborative strategies

Freeze!  How long can students stay frozen?  Can they hold still for a partner, letting their partner mold them into a frozen work of art?  This lesson focuses on concentration and imagination work; it sets up management of space, movement, and noise.  Students request this activity again and again as it is an exciting challenge for young actors.  Students learn to collaborate with a partner, creating statues to and sharing ideas through still image.  To improve cooperation, this lesson will guide the students through the "Ask, Don't Tell" principle.  This is an important skill for problem solving and negotiation with a partner.

The lesson references and uses the story The Ice Wizard for younger students.  For older students these additional stories include statue maker elements and can be used with this lesson: "The Old Statue Maker,” “The Stubborn Clay,” and “Alfredo and the Sea.”  You can also use a related sculpture activity such as Class Sculpture or Human Jigsaw Sculpture as well.   

This is part of our Introductory Lessons that serve to prepare students or groups for integrated drama work.  When your class has completed our introductory lessons, move to the appropriate grade level drama curriculum.