5th Grade Level Guide-Digital Book


Now available as a Digital Book!

Purchase this today and receive an immediate link for downloading (NOTE: this limited edition only contains the pieces of the curriculum as individual files.  It has the Objectives, the Recommended Delivery Order and all the Lessons.  A complete edition will come later).  This digital edition is flexible to cover educators who prefer to work primarily with digital tools (tablets & computers) along with those desiring a printed version.  All or part of this edition can be printed to edit, rearrange, make notes, or replace parts with custom sections.



This 5th Grade Edition is only available in digital form for easily download!  This digital copy can be used on any electronic device for quick reference or can be printed.  In addition to the Lessons, this digital edition contains Ideas for Integration, Objectives linked to Lessons, a Getting Started Sequence and Tools + Resources including Rubrics, Journal Pages and Assessments.


Expand your curriculum with this collection of lessons, stories,  and 5th grade specific drama techniques.  Each Grade Level Guide includes more than 20 lessons sequenced with objectives and linked to national standards.  The printed-paper guides come three-ring hole punched to fit in your original Getting Started with Drama binder.  They are perfect complements to your existing curriculum.


This guide is also available electronically, in individual pieces, for our members to download.  You can preview the curriculum and purchase individual parts, including the lessons online.