I Was Courageous Lesson

I Was Courageous Lesson

Our “I Was Courageous” lesson is the perfect way to celebrate different kinds of courage among your students, whether it be personal, physical, emotional, or intellectual courage. In this lesson, students can practice collaboration, planning, and using physicality to create a character as they act out their classmates’ true stories of showing courage. You may also choose to integrate Language Arts by discussing autobiography.

I Was Courageous Journal Grade 6 

To maximize student achievement, download this drama journal for students to use as reflection or formative assessment. For this lesson, we have created a corresponding journal page for your students. A drama journal allows participants to reflect on their learning and artistic growth (metacognition). It also allows you, the teacher, to see how students are using the drama vocabulary, thinking about big ideas, and perceiving their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Grade Level

  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade


  • 3 Drama Tools
  • Concentration
  • Imagination


  • Descriptive Writing
  • Language Arts
  • Narrative Writing
  • Plot
  • Story Elements
  • Writing


  • Open