The First Woodpecker Lesson (Part 2)

The First Woodpecker Lesson (Part 2):  Transformation 

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Objective: students compare characters and situations in drama to situations and people in real life.  Students combine the primary drama tools to create character and setting.  Students demonstrate transformation in a drama.
Transformation is key to the message of the story and understanding of societal values of the community (part of the third grade objectives).  This lesson uses the story of the same name "The First Woodpecker": download it to complete the lesson if you haven’t already.  Review our tips for viewing student work before you begin.  This lesson can also be used with the original story Vision Quest by Karen Erickson.  This lesson is part of our recommended sequence in the Third Grade Curriculum.

Grade Level


  • Character
  • Story Elements
  • Transformation


  • Character Education
  • Fantasy
  • Myth
  • Native Americans
  • Reality
  • Story Elements


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