Questioning Characters in Fiction and Non-Fiction Lesson

Questioning Characters in Fiction and Non-Fiction Lesson Get your actors of all ages interacting with text by becoming the characters, objects, or animals they are reading about. Actors work with a partner to create interviews and learn to ask important questions. Character building and questioning skills are the focus of this lesson. Questioning Characters in … Read more

Little Breeze – Great Storm Lesson

Little Breeze – Great Storm Lesson: Building Schema  Objective: Students use personification in a drama. Students compare characters and situations in a drama to situations and people in real life. Where does the wind come from? How are great storms made? This is a wonderful science lesson but also could be used as a character … Read more

Why the Earth is Green

Why the Earth is Green story  This story was written for students studying drama and the solar system.  In science, this can be used when the students are learning the characteristics of the planets.

The Legend of Big Skunk

The Legend of Big Skunk story  This Native American folktale can be adapted to many subjects.  This story can be enacted as a two character partner story or used as an alternate story with the Hare & Tortoise Lesson.

John “Appleseed” Chapman

John “Appleseed” Chapman story  This familiar story is customized to integrate teaching tall tales.  This story can also be used with the Body Objects Lesson.

The First Woodpecker

The First Woodpecker story  This story can be done in partners or groups of various sizes.  Larger groups should be comfortable with body objects and/ or using a narrator.  Use a warm-up discussing ways a fantasy character might cast a spell.  Or, you can use a warm-up focusing on physically transforming from one character to … Read more