Noiseless Sounds

Noiseless Sounds activity  This activity focuses on working with the body aspect of drama skills (body, mind, voice).  This activity does not require any other materials.

Pass the Imaginary Object II

Pass the Imaginary Object II activity  This build on the Pass the Imaginary Object I activity and works more in-depth with concentration and imagination skills.  It requires no additional materials.

Sound Story

Sound Story activity This activity works with sounds representing objects from around the room.  The participants then create a story with those sounds.

Vocal Environment

Vocal Environment activity In this activity download, the participants work in both large and small groups mimicking a specific environment’s sounds.

Words in Motion

Words in Motion activity  This activity uses selected vocabulary words that each participant uses cooperatively, but sequentially in action.  This works with smaller groups or the whole group.

Introducing the Five Senses Lesson

Introducing the Five Senses Lesson Overview: the students will learn why actors need to know and use all 5 senses. Objectives:  students name the four fine arts; demonstrate the five senses; evaluate self  and praise others. The five senses are key to acting, visualizing literature, and understanding the world.  Often they are only addressed in … Read more

Pass The Story

​Pass The Story activity This activity has participants working as a group and requires various stories, poetry or text.  Example stories are provided, but feel free to adapt your own.

Character Interviews

​Character Interviews activity This activity has participants working in pairs or groups and requires a set of Stories, Poetry, or Nonfiction Text to hand out to each group.

Bag of Smells

​Bag of Smells (PDF)  Participants work alone or in groups using their sense of smell.  They will expand on the emotions or feelings the smells evoke to create a story.  The activity requires a bag filled with aromatic items (examples suggested in document).