Nature Rhythm Walk Activity

Nature Rhythm Walk Activity Are you looking for an activity that gets students moving? In this exercise, participants move around the room based on an object from nature. Integration possibilities include units on biology or literature. Access to natural objects from the outdoors is required.

Making Machines Activity

Making Machines Activity Your participants work in concert for this teamwork-based activity.  Teams use movement, concentration, and shapes to build collaboratively.  This activity can be used to emphasize the body, shape, voice, sound or aesthetics.  We created several lessons around the machine concept for different ages.

Falling Down I Activity

Falling Down I Activity This activity is designed for the younger participants (Kindergarten to 3rd) as it may be too simplistic for more experienced actors. We followed this with Falling Down II activity for older participants.  After transforming into items (some examples suggested), participants creatively imitate the action of falling down.

Discover, Explore, Use II Activity

Discover, Explore, Use II Activity Building off “Discover, Explore, Use I Activity,” this advanced Level II activity (Drama as Art) challenges participants to improvise a scene about discovering an imaginary object. No props are required.

Animal Observation Activity

Animal Observation Activity This activity works best with a trip to the zoo.  Actors observe animals in detail and create characters based on their observation.

Animal Freeze Activity

Animal Freeze Activity Participants imitate animals while listening to signals that freeze and unfreeze them.  Build listening and animal characterization skills with this activity.

Body Reactions II Activity

Body Reactions II Activity If your students are ready or excited to move into more story building – ease them in with this activity called Body Reactions II which is a follow-up to Level I. Building on the first one, this activity introduces everyday objects (suggestions included) and has students moving and pantomiming with no … Read more

Body Reactions I Activity

Body Reactions I Activity If your students are ready or excited to move into more story building – ease them in with this activity called Body Reactions which has a Level I and Level II. This activity has all students moving and pantomiming simultaneously with no voice. Use key moments from stories, social studies, or … Read more

Landforms Lesson

Landforms Lesson Objective: Students demonstrate the roles of cause and effect and force in stories. In this action-packed three-day unit, students will explore the connections between drama, science, and language arts. First, students read and enact “The Little Hole at the Bottom of the Sea.” Then, using the main story elements, students craft their own … Read more

Tableau Stories Lesson

Tableau Stories Lesson Objectives: Students use movement choices to tell stories without words. Students demonstrate supportive audience behavior. This lesson builds on the skills students learned in “Creating Tableaux” by introducing how tableaux can tell stories. After an individual warm up, students create frozen pictures in small groups and present them to the class. Students … Read more