The Actor’s Nightmare! Poem

The Actor’s Nightmare! Poem We’ve all woken up from this kind of dream… you’re on stage, you’re in costume, the lights go up, and everything goes wrong! This exciting and mildly terrifying poem details a school play gone wrong. Humorous and filled with vivid characters, this poem provides a great opportunity for students in grades … Read more

Maximillian in Trouble Poem 

Maximillian in Trouble Poem  Sometimes the most loveable children get in the most trouble… especially the ones with four legs and a tail! Students in grades 2-5 will have a blast imitating this mischievous dog, who wreaks havoc when his mom leaves him alone in the house. This poem provides a great opportunity for students … Read more

Charlene Poem

Charlene Poem This bully picked on the wrong kid! In this whimsical poem, the narrator reduces their classroom bully to a single ear. Students in grades 2-5 may use this poem to practice Action/Reaction, Problem-Solving and Transformation skills. Additionally, you may choose to integrate Character Education with a discussion of Anti-Bullying strategies. We have also … Read more

Planning and Practicing: The School Crisis

Planning and Practicing: The School Crisis Lesson How can we get students hungry for more planning and practicing? Let them see what it’s like when they can’t plan or practice at all! In this lesson for grades 5-8, students can practice collaboration, cooperation, and Conflict/Resolution skills by improvising and then devising a drama of what … Read more

Planning and Practicing: The Tightrope

Planning and Practicing: The Tightrope Lesson Are your students planning and practicing pros yet? This lesson is a great way to encourage students in grades 6-8 to be more thorough in their planning and practicing process and hone their collaboration and cooperation skills.  This builds upon other planning and practicing lessons by including a special … Read more

Henry’s Magic Hat Lesson

Henry’s Magic Hat Lesson What are the essential building blocks of every story? In this lesson, you will have the chance to lead students through a simple yet engaging tale about a boy and his mysterious magic hat. This story is a wonderful way to teach students in grades K-2 about important story elements such … Read more

Ice Cream Poem

Ice Cream Poem Will life ever be the same again? This silly poem about a child mourning a melting ice cream cone is perfect for grades 2-5. Actors can practice collaboration, believable action, narrator skills, and problem solving as they create a dramatic scene. We have also included some recommended step-by-step delivery ideas to help … Read more

A Shark’s Tale Poem

A Shark’s Tale Poem Have you ever met a shark so charming and sincere? Great for grades 3-7, this suspenseful poem tells the tale of a cunning shark who tricks an unsuspecting swimmer. Students will have opportunities to practice emotions, transformation, narrator skills, and conflict/resolution. We have also included some recommended step-by-step delivery ideas to … Read more

Crossing the Road Activity

Crossing the Road Activity In this fun drama activity, students are put in pairs to improvise scenes about crossing a road. Participants will love to watch peers express their creativity and make bold choices! You will need chairs or other furniture to create a “road” in your classroom. This activity pairs well with lessons on … Read more

Jabberwocky Lesson

Jabberwocky Lesson Objective: Students demonstrate the creative process using basic drama skills. Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky” provides the inspiration for this fun and challenging lesson. After the introduction of the poem, students work in teams to enact the various characters and events. They use their basic drama skills (concentration, imagination, collaboration, problem solving, and improvisation) … Read more