Tales Retold

Tales Retold Story  Is the Wicked Witch really so wicked? What did the Big Bad Wolf do that was so bad? Is Prince Charming’s life not quite as charmed as we thought? Students in grades 3-8 will love this hilarious retelling of classic fairy tales. With plenty of active roles available, this piece is a … Read more

Señor Coyote Acts as a Judge

Señor Coyote Acts as a Judge What better way to teach action-reaction than a story packed with mischievous animal characters, including a clever coyote, a sneaky snake, and a righteous rabbit? In this lesson, students in grades 3-8 can practice collaboration, imitation, transformation, and action-reaction skills. By presenting their dramas, students can get hands-on experience … Read more

Plot Boosters

Plot Boosters Use this list of plot boosters to develop original stories for your drama work! These ideas can support the plot by moving the story along, giving the reader/viewer new information, showing character changes, foreshadowing, providing irony, creating cause and effect, and supporting the message and/or theme of the story. 

I Was Courageous Lesson

I Was Courageous Lesson Our “I Was Courageous” lesson is the perfect way to celebrate different kinds of courage among your students, whether it be personal, physical, emotional, or intellectual courage. In this lesson, students can practice collaboration, planning, and using physicality to create a character as they act out their classmates’ true stories of … Read more

Crossing the Road Activity

Crossing the Road Activity In this fun drama activity, students are put in pairs to improvise scenes about crossing a road. Participants will love to watch peers express their creativity and make bold choices! You will need chairs or other furniture to create a “road” in your classroom. This activity pairs well with lessons on … Read more

The Dreamer Lesson

The Dreamer Lesson

The Dreamer Lesson: Body Objects Objective: students use the body and mind to create settings for a story. Students transform their bodies into objects, first alone, then with a partner, and finally with a group creating settings for the story The Dreamer which is the culmination of the lesson.   Students discuss story elements and go … Read more

The Dreamer

The Dreamer story This original story was adapted by Karen Erickson from the The Tales of the Arabian nights.  The adaptation highlights words that can be used to create body objects and is possible for students to work individually or in groups.   It can also be used in the Body Objects Lesson if you are just getting … Read more

Changing Action and Dialogue

Changing Action and Dialogue activity  This activity works with imagination and action to create a scene enhancing the participants skills in the Language Arts.  Two related activities are the preceding Changing Action and Dialogue and the advanced Help and Hinder.